Freddie Gibbs Drags Akademiks For Claiming He Is An “Irrelevant” Rapper

The 'Alfredo' album creator suggests Ak and 6ix9ine are lovers.

(AllHipHop News) Akademiks knew when he decided to slam Freddie Gibbs on his digital show that the Indiana-raised emcee would fire back. That is exactly what happened overnight as the drama played out on social media.

During yesterday’s episode of Everyday Struggle, Akademiks argued that Gibbs was not as relevant as his longtime rival Jeezy. The Instagram blogger pointed to Gibbs and The Alchemist’s 2020 project, Alfredo, only moving 30,000 first-week units as the basis for his opinion despite the album receiving widespread critical praise.

Ak’s statement was in reaction to Gibbs telling Bootleg Kev that Jeezy is now musically insignificant at the moment. He said, “Let’s be real. Did you listen to his last album? No, you f*cking didn’t… I love bro. He’s a legend. But right now, you’re irrelevant.”

Gibbs took to Twitter and Instagram to fire back at Akademiks. The former artist under Young Jeezy’s CTE World label began by tweeting about women supposedly not wanting to be associated with the internet personality.

“I’ll give a bad b*tch 5k if they admit to sleeping with @Akademiks,” tweeted Gibbs. @Akademiks I keep getting dm’s from b*tches that wanna kick u in the nuts for some reason.”

Ak chose to respond by claiming he makes more money than Gibbs. He posted, “Bring all ur statements of how much you made as a rapper.. and I’ll bring up tax statements of what I made as a BLOGGER. and lets compare. U can’t compare to Jeezy…he been lit for mad years. U a lil n*gga. and i Doubt u compare 2 me. But… Drop ur sh*t… I’m down. Mr Gibbs.” 

Ak continued to suggest he was richer and more relevant than the 38-year-old recording artist. Eventually, Gibbs started joking that Akademiks and rapper/convicted felon Tekashi 6ix9ine are having a sexual relationship. 

“I want proof that u didn’t have oral sex with Tekashi,” Gibbs replied. He later tweeted to Akademiks, “Words from a man that sucks penis… And Imma squeeze yo t###### on camera… B*tch u built like a teletubby… U suck d*ck from the byke.”

Based on the court of public opinion, Freddie Gibbs clearly won the back-and-forth with Akademiks. Despite having 880,000 fewer followers than Ak, Gibbs’s diss tweets garnered tens of thousands of likes with the “oral sex with Tekashi” tweet collecting over 78,000 likes. Akademiks’s top tweet only managed to get around 2,500 likes even though he has 1.2 million followers on the platform.

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