Freddie Gibbs Names His Favorite Revolutionaries


(AllHipHop News) Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs may also be known as “Gangsta Gibbs,” but the co-creator of this year’s well-received album Piñata with Madlib wants the world to know that he is actually RBG – revolutionary but gangsta. While doing an interview with Montreality, Gibbs presented his favorite advocates for social change.

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“I got Huey Newton tattooed on my back. I just read Assata Shakur’s book, so she’s probably my favorite right now. Her, George L. Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Seale, Che Guevara –  it’s a lot of people,” said Gibbs. “I definitely read a lot of literature on those people. [I’m] definitely well versed on what they do and the principles that they had. I’m into it.”

On the gangsta side of things, Gibbs gave his definition of a true “G.” According to the “Thuggin” rapper, being a gangsta is not about drug dealing or committing violent acts.

“[A ‘G’ is] just a motherf**ker that do what he’s supposed to do and take care of his family. That’s it,” explained Gibbs. “That don’t mean you sell drugs or no dumb s**t like that. That don’t mean you kill nobody, you carry no gun, or no dumb s**t like that. That don’t mean none of that. It’s you staying to you, and you doing what the f**k you’re supposed to do. And staying the f**k out of my motherf**king way.”

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Watch Freddie Gibbs’ interview below.