Freddie Gibbs Weighs in On Fat Joe’s Gay Mafia Comments; G### In Hip-Hop


(AllHipHop News) Outspoken, Gary, Indiana/CTE rapper Freddie Gibbs has weighed in on Fat Joe’s recent comments about closeted gay rappers in the hip-hop industry.

When asked about his thoughts on Fat Joe’s comments and his views on gay rappers and artists, Gibbs admitted that he probably would not work with them.

“I wonder who he is talking about?” Freddie Gibbs asked “He said he worked with them, so what’s that say about him? Didn’t he say he worked with some f*gs? Well hey, I ain’t calling him gay or nothing, but what’s that say about you? If I know a ni**a on some sweet s**t before we go into the lab, I’m kinda cool on it, you know what I mean?”

Freddie Gibbs said he had no issues with g###, but he preferred to associate with heterosexual men and women.

“I wanna surround myself around straight ni**as and b**ches,” Freddie Gibbs told “B**ches that want d**k… I don’t want to be around another ni**a that thinking about fu**ing me man. I’m not knocking your culture my ni**a, if that’s what you do.”

Freddie Gibbs went on to explain that he felt that the prominence of g### is largely due to societal issues.

“I’m not knocking no gay ni**a that wanna rap, go on and rap. I just think that as a society we go too far with all that s**t,” Freddie Gibbs told “Ain’t no old fashioned values anymore, I don’t know. Everyone want to show how feminine they are by wearing little ass pants and s**t. Its some ni**as I seen in the game wearing eye liner – them ni**as gay…I’m not saying arrest all g### or kill all g###, you ain’t getting that out of Gibbs. Motherf***er already think I’m a racist and I don’t even know what that’s all about man, or where they get that from, that’s just how I feel man, I don’t care if people hate, that’s just how I feel man.”

His thoughts on g### aside, Freddie Gibbs plans to release several visuals for his Cold Day in Hell project in the coming weeks,

“I’m gonna do a lot of joints on the Cold Day in Hell joint man. We gonna do the video for ‘Let Ya Nuts Hang,’ me, Skrilla and Slick Pulla gonna be in the video for that. ‘Sittin Low’ video bout to drop with Young Jeezy, I’m gonna do one for my ‘My Homeboy’s Girlfriend.’ I’m just glad I’m in the position to do shows like this and make money on the road,” Freddie Gibbs said.