French Montana Hit With Lawsuit Over Miami Gardens Shooting

French Montana

An alleged shooting victim blamed French Montana for the lack of safety at a January gathering in Florida.

A man sued French Montana in the aftermath of a shooting that left at least 10 people injured, including Geffen Records artist Rob49.

According to multiple reports, Carl Leon filed a lawsuit against French Montana on Monday (March 20). Leon blamed the Coke Boys rapper for putting people in harm’s way to film a music video in January.

Gunfire erupted at a gathering outside of The Licking restaurant in Miami Gardens. Leon said French Montana moved a music video shoot to the restaurant’s parking lot after an “altercation and robbery” took place at the original location.

Leon claimed he was one of the people injured in the shooting. He identified himself as an extra in the video shoot, accusing French Montana of failing to “properly plan and conduct the music video production in a safe manner.”

“It was an extremely unfortunate situation that led to multiple people suffering serious injuries,” Leon’s attorney Josiah Graham told Rolling Stone. “The most egregious thing is that people were beaten up and robbed at this video shoot and the [production] did not shut down.”

Graham added, “Montana continued the video shoot, moved it across the street, and those assailants returned and shot the place up. Things like that should not be able to go on.”

Earlier this year, French Montana said he went to the restaurant to celebrate the release of his Coke Boys 6 mixtape. His lawyer denied the allegations in Leon’s lawsuit.

“[Leon’s] interest in litigation is solely to exploit and benefit financially from it, and his re-imagining of his invitation and current statements are simply an egregious profit play and publicity stunt,” attorney Ted Anastasiou declared. “Beyond rejecting Mr. Leon and his counsel’s claims, we implore them to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask whether their loved ones would respect them for trying to make a buck by blatantly lying.”

The lawsuit names French Montana, Coke Boys Records, The Licking restaurant and property owner Gayles Plaza as defendants. Leon seeks $50,000 in damages.