French Montana Predicts Some Rappers Will Have “Garage Auctions”

French Montana thinks a lot of rappers have a saving problem and the pandemic is testing their pockets.

(AllHipHop News) French Montana recently spoke on about COVID-19 and how it’s affecting a lot of rappers’ finances.

Video chatting from his home, a quarantined French told TMZ that the pandemic has taught him to practice gratitude for the things he has.

He also shared that everyone is being put to the test, specifically rappers.

“Everybody’s getting put to test about one thing and one thing only, was you saving money when you was rapping?” he stated, calling out rappers. “Did you build the capital? Did you build a retirement plan? Since I been working, I always would spend and I would save. I always dreamed about a beautiful exit one day. I always save money for a rainy day…”

He went on saying that there will be a lot of “garage auctions” because many rappers are living check to check and don’t practice smart saving habits.

French also discussed his love for directing and that he’s currently working on a documentary about his life.

French Montana also made headlines earlier this week, after the unexpected happened on Instagram live.

The rapper squashed his 15-year beef with Jim Jones. The quarantine brought the two together to sort out their differences on live for fans to see.