French Montana Says His Son Could Lead The U.S. Better Than Trump

French Montana used his ten-year-old kid to take a shot at President Donald Trump.

(AllHipHop News) French Montana has insisted his 10-year-old son could run the U.S. more effectively than President Donald Trump.

The Moroccan-born rapper opened up on fatherhood and his tough upbringing in a wide-ranging interview for Esquire Middle East.

And Montana, who shares Kruz with ex-wife Deen Kharbouch, insisted his son, who is enjoying a much more privileged upbringing than his own, could easily run the country one day.

“No. My son will have better opportunities in his life than millions of other kids. I’m proud of that, and I’m proud that he doesn’t have to grow up the way I did. It’s like two different worlds,” French Montana told the publication.

“He’s more protected by his mother, and she is more protective than my mother was. When my father left, my mother couldn’t teach me nothing, Kruz’s mother will raise him right. She’s like a tiger mom – but in a classy way,” French added.

And when asked if he could grow up to be The Leader of the Free World, he laughed: “Of course! In fact, he could probably do a better job than the current one is doing right now!”

The 34-year-old moved to the U.S. as a teenager from Morocco, with his parents and siblings, but was abandoned by his father a few years later, which left Montana, real name Karim Kharbouch, the man of the house aged 17.

And he insisted he works hard so his son won’t ever have to experience anything similar.

“I work to make sure that he never has to go through what I went through,” French Montana said. “I worked on the street; I got shot; I struggled; I watched my mother struggle – and knowing that the work I do means that he doesn’t have to have worry about stuff like that, that makes me comfortable. I’ll always make sure of that.”