Future And Eliza Reign’s Baby Battle Escalates Over Recording Contract


Eliza Reign wants to know just how much Future’s recording contract is worth – so she can get child support out of the rap star!

Just when you thought that the Future and Eliza Reign child support drama has been settled, she drops a bombshell request in court — hoping to get the judge to award her a higher monthly check for the care of their toddler. 

Currently, Eliza is receiving $3,200 for the rapper’s youngest daughter. But in her opinion, that is not enough.

According to Radaronline.com, Eliza Reign is leaving no stone unturned to get the extra bread. Documents state that she wants to see his child support arrangement with his other children’s mothers and how much bank he is pulling in from his label as negotiated by his contract.

This comes as the Atlanta influencer settled another paternity-determining lawsuit from a woman named Cindy Parker over a male child named, Legend Wilburn.

Cindy Parker and Eliza Reign collaborated to have both of their children DNA tested to determine if they were half-siblings. 

The results were conclusive with a 99.9% probability finding. Regardless of this, she is expected not to speak out again since taking the money from the celebrity father.

Last year, Future said that Eliza Reign didn’t look at their child as anything but a “check baby.” 

He pointed to her initial request from a monthly stipend of $53,000 a month to which he offered her a cool grand. The judge upped that amount to the current figure, $3.2K.

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