G. Dep Found Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder


(AllHipHop News). G. Dep, former Bad Boy Records rapper, has been found guilty of second degree murder, for a shooting that occurred in 1993.

The rapper confessed to a shooting two years ago, to which police connected him to a murder.

G.Dep, real name Trevell Coleman, proclaimed his innocence in the murder case.

He faces no less than 15 years in prison in the sentencing phase, which is slated for May 8.

The jury came back with a verdict after three days of arguments and another two days of deliberations.

Dep confessed to the shooting in December of 2010, which was a botched robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a man named John Henkel.

Dep said at the time that he was wrought with guilt and stricken with drug addiction when he confessed.

“Trevell is a very courageous person, very different of people from this era: he has a conscience and a heart,” G. Dep’s lawyer Anthony Riccio said outside of the court room. “It’s probably one of the most powerful statements that a rapper has ever made, and that’s to be accountable. I told him not to regret his decision, and that God won’t abandon him.”