G-Eazy Issued Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Benson, was not granted an order of protection.

Gerald Earl Gillum (aka G-Eazy) was granted a temporary restraining order for a woman who supposedly has had a “celebrity-fixation” on the recording artist for months. Monika Andrody is accused of showing up at his Hollywood Hills home multiple times.

TMZ reports Andrody would ring the doorbell at the gate to his house and would then be seen pacing in front of the residence. G-Eazy apparently called the local police but she would leave before the authorities arrived.

According to the outlet, the situation escalated when Andrody began ringing the doorbell during different hours at night beginning in November. She supposedly arrived at the house as recently as January 15 of this year.

Meanwhile, G-Eazy has been using his social media accounts to promote his new single “Provide” featuring Chris Brown and Mark Morrison. The track is expected to live on the Bay Area native’s upcoming These Things Happen Too album.

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