G Herbo Associate Gunned Down In Barbershop Slaying; Cops Brace For Retaliation

G Herbo

The cops claim a member of G Herbo’s inner-circle was shot and killed in a barber’s chair yesterday in Chicago.

The police in Chicago are bracing for violence, after the murder of one of G Herbo’s associates.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a very close associate of the rap star was brutally murdered inside of a South Loop barbershop.

The unidentified victim was gunned down around 12:30 p.m., at the Studio 19 barbershop according to the cops.

A suspect walked into the barbershop, asked to use the bathroom, and returned armed with a handgun. He opened fire on the victim in the barber’s chair and then fled the scene.

Police say the gunman hopped in a gold SUV to make his escape.

Now the police fear war could erupt because the victim was a member of the Terror Town faction of the Black P-Stone gang. The cops say G Herbo is a documented member of the Terror Town/No Limit faction of the gang.

In December, G Herbo and several of his associates were indicted for their involvement in a $1.5 million fraud ring, which stretched from coast to coast.

G Herbo is out on $75,000 bail.