G Herbo Curates Mental Notes Panel With Wale, City Girls, Saweetie & NLE Choppa

The Midwesterner also helped set up the Dream Team Therapy Fund.

(AllHipHop News) G Herbo’s PTSD album is an exploration into the trauma he had to deal with while growing up in Chicago. The 24-year-old rap star wanted to bring light to the importance of treating mental disorders.

This week, Audiomack partnered with Herbo to present an open discussion with other musicians about mental health. Saweetie, NLE Choppa, City Girls, and Wale took part in the Mental Notes Panel.

Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) CEO Dan Gillison also contributed to the virtual forum. The Mental Notes Panel streamed on Twitch on July 29 as part of Herbo’s Swervin’ Through Stress initiative.

“I wanted to gather everyone to encourage open dialogue, so that we not only become a support system for one another, but our fans as well. People are hurting. They need to know we understand and are here to offer our resources. Whether we accept being role models or not, we have the influence to help heal,” said Herbo.


NLE Choppa added, “Mental health is something that means a lot to me and is something that I feel you really have to protect. Once you lose that or you let something knock that off, it can really change your perception on life and what you’re going through. So you just really have to cherish and protect it.”

Dr. Jess stated, “When artists share their experiences with mental illness or lend their voice to conversations about mental health, it helps others to be honest and open about their own experiences. This work is an important contribution in the fight against stigma surrounding mental health. It can be the reason a young person decides to seek help.”

As part of the Swervin’ Through Stress program, G Herbo and Audiomack are also launching the Dream Team Therapy Fund which will pay for free 12-week therapy sessions for Black youth between the ages of 18-25. Additionally, they partnered with InnoPsych to provide Black therapists nationwide and NAMI for licensed professionals to monitor a hotline and textline.