G Herbo Discusses Common’s Impact On The City of Chicago


(AllHipHop News) It’s been a brutal year for the city of Chicago.

The city has seen over 600 homicides in 2016 and is on pace to have the most homicides in two decades. So any positive role models that can help end some of the bloodshed had been welcomed in the city, and Common has taken a very hands on approach to his activism in the city.

Just this summer, the rapper’s Common Ground Foundation hosts the annual AAHH! FEST Community Showcase, fundraisers, educational camps, workshops and ACT/SAT preparation services.

Even though the violence is at an all-time high, some local rappers are watching Common’s moves in the movie industry in big films and TV shows like “Suicide Squad,” “Selma,” “American” Gangster,” “Smokin’ Aces” and others.

G Herbo, who just released his new mixtape “Strictly 4 My Fans,” discussed Common’s influence on the city in a recent sit down with AllHipHop.com.

“Common’s doing a lot for our city. He still comes and touch the youth, and still go do stuff in his neighborhood,” G Herbo explained.

Seeing the Oscar-Award winning rapper/actor come back home and still want to help the city is inspiring a new crop of rappers coming up like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Lil Bibby and G Herbo, to name a few.

“I feel like Common is a positive role model in the city,” G Herbo told AllHipHopcom. “I look at Common as a big brother. You know, Common did a lot for me, myself personally. You know I got a song with Common.”

G Herbo said that in addition to Common’s work in the Chicago community, the 44-year-old rapper is very hands on with local rappers too.

The rapper’s presence in the streets of Chicago could go along way towards curbing some of the violence that has been plaguing the city.

“I feel like anything that he could do positively to help he will, but like I was saying earlier, as far as making a difference, they have to feel like you are a part of their struggle too,” G-Herbo reasoned.