EXCLUSIVE: G Herbo Could Be Considering A Plea In Fraud Case After New Indictment For Lying To The Secret Service And The FBI

G Herbo

Will G Herbo take a plea deal in his massive fraud case? It is a real possibility according to the U.S. Prosecutors!

G Herbo is in more trouble with the Feds, who just indicted the embattled Chicago rapper for lying under oath during an interview with the Secret Service.

In December of 2020, G Herbo was indicted for taking part in a scam that used stolen credit cards to cheat four private jet companies, vacation rental companies, a limo company, and hotels around the country, out of over $1.5 million in goods and services.

In addition to G Herbo, born Herbert Williams III, four other men were charged in the 14-count indictment: Antonio Strong aka -“T-Glo,” Joseph Williams AKA “Joe Rodeo,” Steven Hayes, and Demario Sorrells.

Apparently, the Feds had been on their trail for years, according to a new indictment against G Herbo who is accused of lying to the Secret Service and the FBI.

The rapper was hit with a new indictment yesterday (May 4th) over an interview he voluntarily gave to Special Agents with the Secret Service and the FBI on November 24th, 2018, in Ohio.

The rapper sat down for the interview and claimed he never worked with the man labeled as his manager/promoter, Antonio Strong. When questioned further, G Herbo also allegedly denied receiving anything of value from Strong.

“In truth and in fact, as the defendant knew: (a) since at least 2016, Strong worked with and assisted him; (b) he provided Strong money; (c) he received things of value from Strong, including private jet charters, luxury accommodations, and exotic car rentals; and (d) he had frequent direct contact with Strong, including telephone conversations, text messages, and Instagram direct messages,” according to Nathaniel R. Mendell, Acting United States Attorney.

Fortunately for G Herbo, the new allegations will be added to his current fraud case, and he will be able to remain free and travel under the terms of his $75,000 bond.

In another bombshell, G Herbo, who pleaded not guilty to identity theft, aiding and abetting, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges, might be considering a plea deal with prosecutors.

“The parties have engaged in preliminary plea negotiations, but it is premature to determine whether this case will be resolved with guilty plea(s),” according to Andrew E. Lelling, United States Attorney.

The Feds recently turned over all of their evidence to G Herbo’s lawyer as well as the attorneys representing the other four other defendants charged in the case.

A decision could be made as early as August 2021, when another status hearing will take place after defense attorneys have had a chance to review the evidence against their clients.

If G Herbo does go to trial, it would last approximately four weeks.