Banging On Blood: Game Says Australia Was Scared Of His Criminal Past


Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) Recently, news broke that Game was forced to cancel scheduled  Australian concert appearances. Last Friday (Feb. 19), The Documentary 2 lyricist was required to leave the land Down Under.  He was reportedly denied entry by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection.

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From not possessing the proper work visa, to his criminal past, many reasons have been suggested for the denial. Australia is notoriously strict with forbidding foreigners with criminal histories access to the Lucky Country. The left coast wordsmith has taken responsibility for the situation, this according to TMZ .

He admitted, “I did some things in the past that kinda limits my travel sometimes. So, we’re going to come back and get it worked out.” Welding his positive perspective Game then added, “Hopefully, everything with my case goes well and we’re able to get back in September.” Game then apologized to his supporters.