Booba Video Set Stormed By Dozens Of Gang Members, One Person Shot

An incident straight out of a movie unfolded last night in a warehouse in France, where popular rapper Booba was shooting a video.

(AllHipHop News) French rapper Booba and his crew nearly managed to escape death last night after gunmen shot up his video set.

According to the cops, 20 people stormed a warehouse in the Olney swap boy district in France.

Investigators say Booba was shooting a video for his new single “Glaive.”

The rap star had just left an industrial area when almost two dozen gang members rushed the video set with baseball bats, iron bars and guns.

One person was shot in the legs, while three people, including the video director, were hurt in the incident.

Fans are already speculating the shootout may be tied to a long-standing feud between Booba and rapper Kaaris.

Last August, Booba, and Kaaris were involved in a violent brawl inside of Paris’ Orly Airport.
A total of 13 people were arrested for their role in the fight, which took place near a duty-free zone in the airport.

In October of 2018, Booba and Kaaris were both sentenced to suspended sentences of 18 months, in addition to having to pay $50,000 in fines for delaying the flights of hundreds of passengers.

The cops are still investigating the shooting, and so far they have no motivation for the coordinated attack.