George Floyd Was A Houston Rapper Down With DJ Screw, Trae tha Truth & Lil Keke

A variety of rappers from Houston are reeling over the death of George Floyd, who was also a member of the hip-hop community.

(AllHipHop News) George Floyd is more than just the man cruelly executed by the callous Minneapolis Police Department.

If he is to be known for phrases and any repetition of wordplay, it should not be an interpolation of Eric Garner’s “I Can’t Breathe,” but bars from one of the tracks from his mixtapes he put out with DJ Screw.

That’s right, George Floyd who has become violently-viral Black-death p### for so many, was an emcee who made noise with one of the South’s biggest rap voices.

Born in North Carolina, Floyd grew up in Houston. He was a basketball star in high school and became friends with other state athletes like Texas native Stephen Jackson (who gave him a shout out upon his death).

After copping a basketball scholarship to Florida State University, he figured that music was his calling. By the late 90s, he started making mixtapes with none other than DJ Screw — theeeee DJ Screw (who we know to be responsible for an entire movement in the south— using the rap moniker, Big Floyd.

His crew was called the Presidential Playas and in 2000, they dropped an album called Block Party. Big Floyd performed with other Houston vets like Trae tha Truth and Lil Keke.

Trae the Truth took to IG to call fans into action saying:

“Minneapolis Police, Murdered My Homie In Broad Daylight….Houston Texas This is one of our own From 3rd Ward Cuney Homes!! This Video is Heartbreaking To Watch Him Beg For His Life… This Was A Good Man, He Always Helped Out In The community and wit the kids and More.. He Lost A Lot Of Family in Life And Now Y’all Murder Him … Your Only Reason You Say is because a check didn’t go through!! U Got Me F##KED Up!! @shaunking @leemerrittesq It’s That Time !! I’m Applying Pressure!!! Rest Easy George Floyd…. I Believe They Badge Numbers And Names Are Derek Chauvin #1087 Tou Thao #7162 Everyone in the City and everywhere else Need To Repost!! Planning on Goin Out There!!”

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Hey also advocates for more than just the four police directly involved to be fired, but their higher-ups.

“Say His Name …. #GeorgeFloyd Houston Texas Own….. 4 Officers Fired Aint Enough!!!”

Lil Keke has the same outrage, taking to IG with his own missive for justice.

“R.I.P. Big Floyd He took his life in broad day may God bring his family justice ”

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So the question is how did this 90s Houston rap notable arrive in Minneapolis?

Reports tell us that Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2018 for work. Hanging up his mic, he became a truck driver and also worked as a bouncer.