Georgia Mother Arrested After Dragging Young Daughter By Her Locs

Abusive mother receives $20K bond and remains locked up for her crime.

A Georgia mother is reportedly facing charges after a video of her abusing her daughter went viral. The footage, which has sparked national outrage, shows Samarria Mona White dragging the child by her dreadlocks through a grass field in Macon. As the mother tosses the girl around, she shouts expletives as the little girl begs her to stop.

White, who according to court records was arrested on July 5 around 4:30 p.m. local time, faces cruelty to children charges in the first degree. The 20-second clip was filmed by neighbor Gwen Harris-McKenzie’s niece, who later posted it on social media. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office became aware of the incident shortly afer.

At first, the mother denied doing anything wrong, Yahoo! Life reports. However, when the child was taken to the hospital, medical professionals noted she had redness on her chest that was turning into a bruise.

Harris-McKenzie said in a Facebook post she had “more videos” of the abuse.

“I was at work but called along with other people on my way back to Macon,” she wrote. “All 3 kids were taken by ambulance and she was arrested. No, I don’t know her or her name. Her kids just play outside with mine and they have said this isn’t the worst she has done that they have seen, they just finally caught it on camera.”

The concerned neighbor continued,  writing in her post, “It’s a difference between discipline and abuse. I have me and my sister’s kids and yes I can say kids can be BAD, don’t like to listen and can lie! But nothing can justify what was said and done to that lil girl.”

White is currently in jail with a $20,000 bond.