Ghostface Killah: I Thought Action Bronson Was Me When I First Heard Him (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Ever since Queens emcee Action Bronson first started making waves on the Hip Hop scene some listeners have conveyed he sounds eerily similar to Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah.

It turns out the Staten Island representative felt the same way at one point. Ghostface sat down with VladTV, and the rhymer also known as Tony Starks was asked about the Bronson comparisons.

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“I thought he was me one day,” said Ghost. “When I first got put on [to Bronson’s music], I’m asking myself, ‘When the f*ck did I do that verse?'”

Ghostface went on to add that when the two rappers met Bronson expressed he was not intentionally trying to imitate the Wu member. Before stating he is cool with A.B., the creator of the classic 2000 album Supreme Clientele made it clear no other performer can replace him.

“Nobody can be me,” Ghost stated. “When you hear the sh*t that I got coming – all my other sh*t –  it’s gonna put the fire to all that sh*t.”

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Watch Ghostface Killah’s interview below.