Goldlink Addresses Mac Miller Backlash And Fires Back At Anderson .Paak

Goldlink is defending himself from backlash over some comments he made about the late Mac Miller last week.

(AllHipHop News) Anything involving Mac Miller is a sensitive subject.

Most recently, GoldLink faces some backlash for his statements on social media regarding the late Pittsburgh rapper.

Even Anderson .Paak stepped in with some words of his own.

During a recent concert where GoldLink was performing in Hamburg, Germany, he addressed the recent controversy that exploded online after he insinuated Mac had used one of his records as a “blueprint” for Mac’s Divine Feminine album.

The 10-track project serves as Miller’s fourth studio album and was released on September 16, 2016,

GoldLink knows his long-lost friend helped put him on the map when it comes to the rap scene, and defended statements that he was not in any way shape or form trashing Miller on social media.

But Mac’s other good friend Anderson .Paak didn’t take it that way.

Goldlink spoke to his fans at the show: “Mac Miller is my best friend in the industry, that’s one of my best f##king friends to this day.”

The Washington, D.C. rapper proceeded to give Mac props along with industrial elites Pusha T and Wale for helping him make it in the music business.

GoldLink then addressed his Mac Miller post, stating it was “about love and that ni##as can actually be brothers. It wasn’t about stealing, I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal.”

The truth is he never used those words. In fact, he said Mac would “adopt styles as homage” to artists he loved and listen to. GoldLink also spoke on Divine Feminine, stating “that’s where our problem started.”

Anderson .Paak defended Mac and called out GoldLink for seemingly backstabbing Mac when he couldn’t defend himself.

Paak even said Mac “brought your a## on tour and opened up his fan base to you when you had nothing.”

GoldLink shot back at Anderson stating “You can’t talk about ni##as you don’t know, so we ain’t worried about ni##as we don’t know.”

The crazy part is… Anderson has multiple collaborations with both GoldLink and Mac Miller.

GoldLink has not since deleted his post about Mac, but he has disabled his IG comments.

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