Grammy Award-Winning Producer Bangladesh Shares Some Details on His New Album


(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (November 30), Grammy Award-winning producer Bangladesh stopped by the offices to speak about his newly formed Bangladesh Records imprint, and he also spoke on his album which he plans to release sometime next year.

Bangladesh, the producer behind hits like Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” as well as recent records for Rihanna, Beyonce, Diggy Simmons, Nicki Minaj, and more, spoke specifically about two collaborations from his album that he cannot wait for the world to hear.

After previously working with Pusha T on the G.O.O.D. Music artists’ recently released Fear of God II: Let Us Pray project, he mentioned that the rapper will also be appearing on Bangladesh’s album.

“He did a song for my album which is dope,” Bangladesh told “I got Jadakiss on there together and I’m looking to get T.I. on it. It’s called “100” and it’s stupid!”

In addition, Bangladesh mentioned that he also recently completed a track for Pusha T’s official solo debut that features the King of Crunk, Lil Jon, on the hook.

He also spoke on another star-studded feature that he has already recorded.

“I got a song with Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar and Snoop [Dogg] that’s just so crazy. I just can’t be on that one. It’s a West Coast theme and it’s stupid! Kendrick killed it, Ice Cube killed it,” he said. “When you hear the album you’re gonna be like ‘damn that’s Cube, he came hard!’ and that’s what to expect from this album; your favorite artists or artists that you didn’t think could spit are busting and really going in because they hear the beat and the beat influences them to go in, cause I never heard some of the artists rapping as good as they are on this.”

Not only will Bangladesh be handling the album’s production, he also plans on doing some rapping as well.

“I’m rapping on it, I’m making beats, I’m doing everything on there,” Bangladesh told “I’m not rapping all over the album, but there are some songs I’m on and there’s some songs that I just don’t belong on so I didn’t get on them.”

When asked about the producer’s pattern of working with different artists across all musical genres, he said “everything I do I try to do where’s it’s not familiar for that artists. I try to do something that’s like ‘dang, Pusha T and Lil Jon?! Bangladesh and Ke$ha?!’ I try to always do things that no one expects.

“I think that’s the whole point of producing is to change the game,” Bangladesh continued. “I think it’s going to fill the void of buying an album with one or two joints on there. I’m a producer so I’m going to have all hits. I’ve got all your favorite artists on there so it just makes sense.”