Grand Jury Clears Mystikal Of 2016 Rape Allegation


Mystikal can breathe easy, now that a rape case has been dismissed against the rapper. 

Rap star Mystikal caught a huge break this week after a grand jury decided to dismiss rape charges against the rap star. 

Mystikal, real name Michael Tyler, and a friend named Averweone Holman had been charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping, stemming from an incident in a Casino back in October of 2016. 

The case grew more complicated when a woman named Tenichia Wafford was indicted for obstruction of justice charge concerning the alleged assault, for trying to get the woman to drop her case against the pair.

Mystikal, 50, maintained his innocence the whole time but he still spend 18 months locked up over the allegation. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in December of 2017. He was eventually released on a $3 million bond. 

According to the D.A., there was not enough evidence to take the “Danger” singer to trial, so a grand jury dismissed the entire case. 

“Additional evidence and information were discovered and the case was resubmitted to this second grand jury in the interest of justice,” a rep for the D.A. said in a statement. “Based on the grand jury’s decision, the Caddo Parish district attorney’s office will dismiss the charges pending against Mr. Tyler.”

Mystikal served six years in prison over a rape 2002 rape charge. He was released in 2010.