Grassroots Support Swells For NFAC Leader Grand Master Jay In GoFundMe Legal Defense Effort

Grand Master Jay NFAC

Supporters are coming out in droves to help the NFAC’s Grand Master Jay.

Grand Master Jay of the Black Militia the NFAC was arrested last year for allegedly pointing a rifle at Louisville Metro Police officers and federal officers on a roof at a formation, a charge his supporters say is fraudulent and racist.

Eleanor Harvey, a friend of GMJ, made am impassioned plea for him to the community, “We ask you to HELP Jay WIN this blatant bogus attack on him as we know that he has fearlessly stood for US ALL.”

Months after the alleged Louisville incident happened, Grand Master Jay found himself pleading not guilty to federal charges in court. Jay, whose real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson, was arrested on Dec. 4 and formally charged with five counts of wanton endangerment. These are the same charges levied against the officer that actually killed Breonna Taylor. In September, the day before the 2020 Kentucky Derby, the alleged act occurred around 8:30 p.m.

The allegations have caused a groundswell of outrage and support for the NFAC founder, who has successfully run peaceful military styled formations. Some of those formations were in support of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, both of which were allegedly killed by police or police affiliates. While they have made a bold presence, the NFAC has never promoted aggressive or violent behavior. To the contrary, they have lobbied for Black people to have autonomy and freedoms, while obeying the law seemingly religiously.

In stark contrast, the violent insurrection on the United States Capitol by domestic terrorists of a white persuasion, was greeted relatively peacefully by authorities. Some of the most egregious offenders were permitted to leave safely and arrested later despite guns, bombs and restraints to kidnap elected officials.

Jay told Vice News, “The terrorism that we saw last week validated everything that I’ve ever said about why we need to have an entity such as a Black militia: that it’s defensive, not offensive, because those are the very types of people who wouldn’t hesitate to stop at the Capitol.”

“If we had pulled something like that,” he continued, “there’d still be body bags being brought in.”

Numerous GoFundMe have been erected in GMJ’s legal defense, as he must defend himself on two fronts. Here is the latest effort to financially support Grand Master Jay:

“Your support is needed to help us defeat this blatant racist attack on Americans excercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. John Fitzgerald Johnson aka  The Grand Master Jay has been targeted by the US Govt. As the founder and commander of America’s largest all Black militia, his organization has stood up to the powers to be in the face of such atrocities as the Ahmad Aubery and Breonna Taylor killings. His teachings  have ignited a renewed unification of people around the world. He was arrested by the FBI on trumped up charges pertaining to an alleged incident that occured in SEPT. Subsequently Jay was charged by the State of Kentucky with the same offense that the officer that killed Breonna Taylor was charged with.  As a condition of his pretrials release he has had his 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment Rights removed. His legal expenses to fight two cases on two levels at the same time are astronomical as the US Govt moves silence, destroy, and disarm this Movement once and for all. Please help us to raise the funds needed to pay the lawyers and help Jay win this blatant bogus attack on him who has stood for all of us.”

Click here to donate to the fund.

GMJ maintains that the ranks of the ranks of the NFAC (Not F##kin Around Coalition) have been growing in leaps and bounds and incidents like the insurrection on jolt more life into their membership. For more on the NFAC, click the link.