Guapdad 4000 & Akademiks Clash Over Music Stats & Being An Independent Artist

Is the “Lil Scammer That Could” rapper purposely trolling the controversial blogger for clout?

(AllHipHop News) Akademiks may currently be dealing with a two-day suspension from Complex’s Everyday Struggle show, but he is still beefing with rappers on Twitter. A recent feud with Freddie Gibbs was the catalyst for the Twitch rant that caused Ak’s temporary expulsion.

Akademiks is now engaged in a back-and-forth with Bay Area rapper Guapdad 4000. The latest online conflict started when Guapdad tweeted, “The fall of Akademiks has been beautiful to watch thank you @FreddieGibbs.”

“Russ ending your [nonexistent] career been was the most beautiful thing to watch for me. I streamed more than u wit a parody rap career than ur did wit ur full time gig last year. Want me to post the stats???” responded Ak.

The YouTuber then went on to upload his own Spotify streaming statistics from 2019 as compared to Guapdad’s numbers from the same year. Guap answered back by claiming his stats were better than Ak’s even though he was an independent artist.

This led to the two men arguing over what it really means to be an indie act in the modern music industry. Akademiks insisted Guapdad is lying about not being signed to Warner Records, and the 27-year-old Dior Deposits album creator addressed that accusation.

“N*gga u ain’t independent u one of them major label rappers who lie bout being independent cuz u flop. U signed with Warner N*gga .. that’s one of the top 3 labels. That independent lie works for fans… u have had had major labels and agencies send me inquiries on ur Behalf,” wrote Ak.

Guap fired back, “Bruh, the only thing I’m signed to is the back of my credit card! I distribute through ADA which is Warner’s distribution company. I OWN MY SH*T. You would know if you actually….knew about music instead [you’re] actually the DUMBEST N*GGA W THUMB.”

The Twitter spat went on for over two hours. The exchange also included Guapdad suggesting that Drake only uses Akademiks for his platform, Ak stating that he got a biomathematics degree from Rutgers University, and Guap slamming Akademiks for being a negative influence on Hip Hop culture in his opinion. 

“[You’re] a weird ass d*ck sucking rap dork who made a platform off being messy. Your job is to literally be Randall from Recess. You’re an unnecessary cancer to the culture. Since you got here you never added to anything positive and only highlighted bullsh*t. N*gga you a mark,” wrote Guapdad 4000.