Gucci Mane Catches Backlash For Shocking Coronavirus Easter Tweet

After saying he wants those who come against him to fall victim to the horrible COVID-19 pandemic, followers reprimanded the rapper for his comments.

(AllHipHop News) Easter Sunday is a day reserved for believers who point to the giver of their salvation, Jesus the Christ and his resurrection from the grave.

Yet, Atlanta’s own Gucci Mane has shifted the day to one of damnation, taking to his Twitter account to wish death to his haters.

“Death to my haters” is a term is not a new one.

Many have wished ‘death’ to their haters before, but La Flare tweeted his version of the adage and suggested that those who go against him should die from the fiendish coronavirus.

Fans thought this was more than just rough and tumble Hip-Hop-speak. They believed it to be vile and rude.

When he posted: “I pray my haters die of corona virus.”

His supporters, who usually ride with their guy Big Guwop, weren’t rolling with him on this one.

Wandie @Yung_TheoLogyZA commented:

“But the real hater is the one wishing death upon others. Think about it.”

Majesty772 was less philosophical, simply stating “This ain’t it”

Then mix-martial arts champion and UFC fighter Gerald Harris was moved to give some advice to the rapper, “Man you need some online church services and a hug. This is the worst timed tweet ever. There are people actually mourning the loss of loved ones now, due to the virus. Bad move big homie…” and wound up getting blocked.

Nait Jones, a Silicon Valley executive and entertainment marketing strategist put the cherry on the top— reminding him that this day is supposed to be holy.

“On Easter morning? this can’t be what’s on your mind Our enemies are just reflections of the parts of us we hate the most”