Gucci Mane Gets Into Fashion, Working On A New Clothing Line


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Gucci Mane is busy at work building his brand, with a series of new businesses he’s planning to launch.

One of those businesses is a new clothing line called Delantic, which is Gucci’s middle name.

Even though it’s easier to believe the new version of Gucci is a clone, during an interview with The New York Times, Gucci Mane credited a daily workout regimen and his newfound sobriety as inspiration for his rediscovered entrepreneurial spirit.

“I felt like I couldn’t make music sober, I couldn’t enjoy my money sober,” Gucci Mane told The New York Times.”Why would I wanna go to a club and couldn’t smoke or drink? I felt like sex wouldn’t be good sober. I associated everything with being high.”

Sobriety finally came to the rapper during his latest stint in prison thanks to prayer, exercise, dedication and going through a terrible withdrawal process.

“First came withdrawal. ‘Death,’” Gucci explained. “It feel like death. Your body just craving lean bad. Stomach tore up, can’t think straight. Just mad at the world.”

His new, positive outlook seems to be working so far.

Gucci has only been home from prison two months to the day (July 26), and he’s already out working most rappers.

In fact, Gucci Mane was also out earning the average rapper while he was incarcerated, raking in over a million during the course of the three years he was down.

In addition to his latest album Everybody Looking, Gucci has already worked with 2 Chainz, Future, French Montana, Birdman and even Justin Bieber.

Gucci is also reportedly working on a mixtape with Drake.