Gunna Spotted Out For The First Time Since Plea Deal … Courtside At NBA Finals Game

Gunna Denied Bond

Gunna was spotted out with a friend at Game 6 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals in Miami when the Celtics lost to the Heat.

While much of Hip-Hop culture has not given Atlanta rapper Gunna a pass for taking a plea deal in the RICO case in which he was indicted with Young Thug and others, the former YSL representative continues to live his life.

In fact, the 29-year-old was spotted out on Saturday, May 27, at Game 6 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals in Miami when the Celtics lost to the Heat. #Ballin

According to the Los Angeles Times, this was his first public appearance since he was freed from prison.

Gunna sat courtside with another Atlanta rapper named Nechie and wore a black graphic T-shirt and pink and black flower print pants.

Bobby Shmurda actually commented on him being out and said he was “disappointed” with how rappers nowadays move. He also said it is important to look into the histories of the artists because they are representing “a life they didn’t even live.”

It’s that kind of history that most street rappers believe would give a reason as to why Gunna would “fold under pressure.”

As has reported, Gunna’s plea agreement allowed him to serve no time.

He received five years in prison with four years suspended. The one year was later commuted to time served as he prepared for the trial under the caveat he completes 500 hours of community service.

Gunna was able to receive what is called an “Alford plea.”

According to Cornell Law School, it is “also known as a “best-interests plea,” registers a formal admission of guilt towards charges in criminal court while the defendant simultaneously expresses their innocence toward those same charges. Like the similar nolo contendere plea, an Alford plea skips the full process of a criminal trial because the defendant agrees to accept all the ramifications of a guilty verdict (i.e., punishment).”

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