Gunplay Says Obama Is Pushing The New World Order, Suggests He’s A Modern-Day Hitler (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Gunplay has a lot to say about President Barack Obama. During an interview with DJ Smallz, the Maybach Music Group representative criticized the POTUS for allegedly pushing a globalist agenda.

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“[Obama] got bin laden. Gas [prices] went down. A few things he did that was on the surface looks real good. I commend him for that. Great. Right on brother,” said Gunplay. “But behind the scenes, what he’s been doing is the continuation of a New World Order. The Bushes and everybody else started to put the New World Order in place, behind the scenes he’s making sure that it happens.”

The phrase New World Order often refers to the conspiracy theory that global leaders are working to institute a totalitarian world government. There are also some theorists that connect the NWO to “secret societies” such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati as well as occultism and witchcraft.

Gunplay also claimed Obamacare users that do not accept a microchip being planted in their body will be killed by guillotine. He did not provide evidence of this supposed section in the Affordable Care Act.

“Obama is starting to look like a modern-day Hitler,” declared Gunplay. “He’s a dictator. He’s not a president.”

In addition, the “Krazy” rapper argued that a “One World Religion” is being established with the help of the Pope and the U.S. President. While the Carol City native bashed Obama for supposedly pushing the New World Order, he told in 2014 that he admired the Bilderburg Group, another elitist organization conspiracy theorists link to the so-called worldwide authoritarian movement.

“I feel like the Bilderberg Group is higher than the Mafia or any government body. You don’t get no higher than the Bilderberg Group,” stated Gunplay at the time. “They run the world, and I look up to them. I was always taught to emulate the great. I think they’re great and I want to emulate them.”

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Watch Gunplay’s interview below.