EXCLUSIVE: Gunplay Says He’s Taking Meek Mill’s Side In Drake Beef (VIDEO)


Twitter is still cooling down from feeling Meek Mill’s wrath after he decided to out Drake for not writing his own rhymes. Drake’s in-house producer Noah ’40’ Shebib came to Drizzy’s defense via Twitter and AllHipHop caught up with Meek’s MMG brethren Gunplay so he could speak up.

“You got problems with one of my homeboys, you got problems with me,” said the Miami native. He assured that he was not taking any shots at Drake but said that “he’s riding with Meek” on this one.

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The “Bible on the Dash” rapper also said that though “Drake Gate” may be great for publicity, but he would’ve handled the situation a little differently.

“At this point in the game it’s great for publicity and to promote album sales,” he said. “The culture is not the culture we grew up on. You can tell when somebody is writing their own s–t…the culture is pass that now. It’s commercial culture now. So if he’s a pop artist, hip-pop artist or whatever, let him be.”

Watch the full interview below.