Kathy Hilton Says Her ‘Awful’ Vision To Blame For Confusing Lizzo With Gabourey Sidibe

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Kathy Hilton claims there’s a perfectly good reason she confused Lizzo with “Precious” actress Gabourey Sidibe.

Kathy Hilton blames her ‘awful’ vision for confusing Lizzo with Gabourey Sidibe

Kathy Hilton has blamed her “awful” eyesight for mistaking Lizzo for Gabourey Sidibe during a TV game.

While appearing on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star participated in a round of a game called Will Kathy Know Them? where she was shown a photo of a celebrity and asked to identify them.

Andy showed Kathy a photo of Lizzo, to which Kathy replied, “Precious?” referring to Sidibe, who starred in the 2009 movie “Precious.”

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After the show aired, Kathy was the target of backlash on Twitter for mixing up the two Black women.

The 63-year-old explained the reason behind her confusion in two Instagram comments underneath posts about the awkward incident on the Queens of Bravo Instagram account.

“My vision is awful, the screen was so far away that I couldn’t even recognize Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge,” she wrote, referencing the other stars she failed to identify in the game.

In the second comment, which was similar, Kathy insisted, “The screen was so far away and my vision is terrible. If you recall, I couldn’t even make out who Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge was (face palm and crying emojis).”