Harlem Legend Alpo Is Free, Reports Say

Alpo Is Free?!

It appears that Harlem legend Alpo Martinez is headed back in the free world.

The news comes directly from Kevin Chiles, CEO of Don Diva Magazine. The magazine is one of the longest periodicals covering the drug underworld and street life in New York city and beyond.

“We were all friends [Chiles, Porter, and Martinez]. Preceding him killing Rich we were all cool on the street.  We hung out. We got money,” Chiles said in a statement. “The fact that he told on anyone is not okay for me, and there is nothing to discuss, but even if he didn’t tell, we still wouldn’t be good because he killed Rich. I’m not cool with how that went.
Alpo has not spoken directly to Chiles yet, but he sent word through a mutual friend in hopes that he could “set the record straight with him.”

Alpo, who is from Spanish Harlem, once ran the streets with Azie “AZ” Faison and Rich Porter and the trio amassed a drug empire that continues to spawn street tales to this day. The most infamous re-telling happened in the movie Paid In Full, by Roc-A-Fella Films. The trio were local celebrities in Harlem with the jewels, cars and wealth to match.

According to lore, Alpo committed a series of murders to keep his empire going, a total of 14 that he would eventually admit to. This spree included Rich Porter in 1990. He was arrested in 1991 by the feds. After his capture, he began to cooperate with authorities, which is known as snitching in the streets. Don

Don Diva explained in further detail:

Alpo’s biggest betrayal was telling on Wayne “Silk” Perry, the man who protected him on the streets, with unyielding loyalty. Alpo told the government that Wayne killed Garrett ‘Gary’ Terrell (infamous drug lord in the D.C.) and Evelyn Carter (H##### that could provide evidence Perry killed Michael Fray Salters.) On March 5, 1993, based on Alberto Martinez cooperation the feds brought a 27 count indictment against Perry. The indictment included the murders of 9 people in the furtherance of a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE), racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, retaliating against a witness, kidnapping, and robbery. Wayne would be the first person in D.C. to face the death penalty since 1971.

Alpo is currently in witness protection and is awaiting a new identity assignment.
Don Diva editorialized:

Throughout the streets and in hip-hop, Alpo is largely regarded as the most infamous snitch that the streets have seen, and a snake for murdering his best friend, Rich Porter. Though Alpo isn’t locked down anymore, he’s still not free. He will have to move modestly and keep a low-key profile for the rest of his life when he’s used to being bigger than life, doing what he wants in the world.