Hip-Hop Artist Amillion Launches 1st Black Owned 1NA Alkaline Water In Grocery Stores 


Taking inspiration from Hip-Hop moguls like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, Amillion is expanding his growing 1NA Alkaline Water brand. 

Delaware Hip-Hop artist Amillion has gone from selling out shows to selling his own brand of water, 1NA Alkaline Water. 

The Delaware Key to the City holder began selling via his website www.1NAStore.com, before branching out when sales exploded, and he couldn’t keep up the demand himself. He then launched in local stores before landing a deal with a major retailer. 1NA Alkaline Water will soon be on the shelves of ALDI stores.

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“I was inspired by Rap legends before me who became Moguls that also owned beverages like Jay-Z’s ‘Ace of Spades’ champagne, Snoop Dog’s ‘Cali Red’ wine and Diddy’s ‘Ciroc’ vodka,” Amillion told AllHipHop. “But I wanted to be the artist who had a fully healthy drink!” 

Describing the beverage as “a pure product reflective of my brand 1NA (One In A Million) that could appeal to youth as well as adults,” Amillion continued: “My music has helped many from a mental health perspective. I felt it was important to also have a real product that helps improve the physical health of the local community, customers globally and my own family. 

“My daughter is a world champion cheerleader who likes great tasting water. On the other side my aunt Gwen just passed away battling cancer on Tuesday, (February 27, 2024). I’ve also lost my Uncle William and grandfather McKinley to cancer. My father Lucas is currently battling cancer now so having a product that helps fight cancer and other ailments is very personal to me.”  

He added, “This is just as important as making Hip-Hop and Black History! Special thanks to Miami Alkaline for helping turn my idea into fruition. Special thanks to ALDIs grocery store chain for taking a chance to give a small-town kid with a big dream an opportunity. ” 

Amillion concluded, “I hope this inspires more local support and inspires more big supermarket chains to stock 1NA Alkaline Water in a store near you.”