Hip-Hop Filmmaker Kevin Epps Avoids Murder Charge After Deadly Shooting Inside Home

Mistah F.A.B., Kevin Epps

(AllHipHop News) San Francisco filmmaker Kevin Epps has dodged a murder charge stemming from the fatal shooting of a man inside of his house yesterday afternoon (October 25) in San Francisco.

Epps was initially arrested on suspicion of murder charges, after being arrested for allegedly shooting a 45-year-old man identified as Marcus Polk.

While police know the two men were associates, it is still unclear as to what a motive may have been for the shooting.

Neighbors told local reporters that Polk had lived in the neighborhood and had been homeless and on drugs over the past decade.

Kevin Epps is best known for his work chronicling the San Francisco Hip-Hop scene in documentaries like “Straight Outta Hunters Point,” “Rap Dreams” and “The Black Rock AKA Black Alcatraz.”

“This is one of the last things I would expect to hear,” San Francisco veteran Mistah F.A.B. told The San Francisco Chronicle. “He’s one of those guys that you idolize. We developed a big brother/little brother relationship. He became my big brother and mentor because of the work he did in the community.”

Epps, 48, has been released from prison according to the district attorney, citing lack of evidence.