Hip-Hop Label Boss Accused Of Being A Drug Kingpin Who Beat Up Rapper Charli Baltimore


(AllHipHop News) The feds in Detroit have cracked down on a hip-hop record label, which they allege is really a front for a massive heroin dealing operation.

Bryan “Peanut” Brown is the owner of BMB Records, but he is also accused of being a drug kingpin

According to a 50-page indictment that was obtained by The Detroit News, Brown has generated millions of dollars by selling his heroin and washing the proceeds through BMB, which counted artists like Ray J, Charlie Baltimore, Bre-Z and others as performers on the roster.

The DEA started investigating BMB Records in 2013, after cops seized $550,000 in cash, along with 8 kilos of heroin.

A confidential informant told the FBI that Brown was really one of the biggest heroin dealers in the Midwest.

The source claimed Brown bought his heroin from a group in California, which is connected to the Mexican cartels.

The proceeds from the sales are then allegedly funneled through BMB Records, which earned millions of dollars between 2013 and 2015.

Police conducting undercover surveillance found that Brown had a fleet of luxury cars – 20 in total – which includes a Maserati, a Porsche Panamera and two Corvettes.

The cops noted that the cars alone were valued at almost 14 times the amount Brown reported on his income taxes for 2011, which was the year before he started BMB Records.

In December 2016, the authorities closed in on Brown and raided a loft he was staying in with an unnamed girlfriend.

Police found a number of weapons and indicted Brown on gun charges. Two months later, he popped back up on police’s radar while he was on probation.

Brown was accused of beating down his other girlfriend, legendary rapper Charli Baltimore, in a violent rage.

“I was brutally beaten by Brown when I walked in on him with another woman,” Charli Baltimore wrote the court affidavit obtained by The Detroit News. “He choked me, blacked (sic) my eye, bruised my arm while I was still in a cast.”

Bryan “Peanut” Brown is still free on bond, and he is even reportedly filming a new reality series for lifetime called “Detroit Empire.”