Hip-Hop Legend L.A. Sunshine of The Treacherous Three Releasing Autobiography


(AllHipHop News)
Legendary hip-hop artist LA sunshine of the treacherous three has revealed he is releasing his autobiography titled “L.A. Sunshine: A True Story, The Real Accounts.”

The rap pioneer will discuss his book his life in vivid details in the book, which delves into his sexual victimization at the age of seven, as well as his rise to fame as a member of The Treacherous Three.

“This project was done for me. It wasn’t just the sense of accomplishment, but more about the cleansing, purging and therapy that the process provided,” L.A. Sunshine told AllHipHop.com.

L.A., born Lamar Hill, was is a founding member of legendary Harlem Hip-Hop group The Treacherous Three, which also featured DJ Easy Lee, Spoonie Gee, Special K. and Kool Moe Dee.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the group released a number of classic hip-hop singles, including “Feel The Heart Beat” “At The Party” and “Whip It,” featuring Phillippe Wynn, former lead singer of The Spinners.

They also made a high profile appearances in the classic Hip-Hop movies “Wildstyle,” and “Beat Street.”

L.A. Sunshine hopes that his book will inspire others who have been abused as children, or those who have fallen to drug abuse.

“The book affords me the opportunity to share my experiences with the world, hoping to ease the burden someone else may have from child and drug abuse, depression, disloyalty, pseudo friends, family and enemies.”

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. wrote the forward for the book, while Run-DMC co-founder DMC handled the outro for “L.A. Sunshine: A True Story, The Real Accounts.”

“I am a huge supporter in letting people know that their reality is not as isolated as they may believe and I think my life story in black and white does just that,” L.A. Sunshine told AllHipHop.com.

“L.A. Sunshine: A True Story, The Real Accounts” can be purchased at www.truehiphopmemoirs.com.