Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ AJ Dies Suddenly, Celebs Mourn


Hip-Hop has lost another one. This time Kool DJ AJ has died suddenly.

The sad news was broken by another pioneer Kurtis Blow, for whom AJ DJ’s for in the 70’s and 80’s.

AJ, a natives of New York’s Lower East Side, also manned the turntables for Busy Bee. He eventually retired from deejaying in 2010.

He will forever be immortalized on Kurtis Blow’s 1984 hit, “AJ Scratch.”

On the hit song, Blow raps his affinity for AJ:

“Up in the Bronx where the people are fresh
There was one DJ who had to pass the test
And now he’s down by law and he’s ready to play
That’s right y’all his name is AJ
Never gets nervous when he cuts the beat
He gives top notch service in the clutch on the street
A complete elite treat that can’t be beat
‘Cause AJ never knew the agony of defeat, sing”

Many expressed sorrow over social media.
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