Forefather Of Streetwear & Hip-Hop Influencer Marketing Phil Pabon Dies

RIP Phil Pabon

Fashion and marketing ambassador Phil Pabon was a staple and influential icon in Hip-Hop. He will be missed.

A few weeks ago, celebrated brand ambassador Phillip Pabon mourned the death of friend Biz Markie. Yesterday, he tragically died after suffering from cancer, sending the Hip-Hop community into another whirlwind of melancholy. 

Reports of Pabon’s passing circulated at the same time as Baba Zumbi from the Bay-area rap group Zion I.

Pabon lost his fight with pancreatic cancer, an aliment he quietly suffered from, according to sources with AllHipHop.

Pabon was one of the first to infuse Hip-Hop, fashion, marketing, and entertainment on a corporate and street level. In the ’90s, he helped build cross-marketing and co-branding campaigns to usher Mecca USA Clothing, ENYCE Clothing/FILA to the burgeoning Hip-Hop community. Both companies made tens of millions in their first year in business. From there, Pabon went on to work his magic with others such as FUBU Clothing, Samsung, SouthPole, US Polo Assn, Cadillac Footwear, Levis Footwear, Phat Farm, Baby Phat, Mountain Gear holding a myriad of executive positions.

His bio says, “Phill Pabon has earned worldwide recognition as a leader in his field for his creative vision, innovation, and business acumen across marketing, product development and sales. Pabon has an expert skill set that has not only been solicited by Industry giants but has been instrumental in the making of multi-million dollar brands.”

In his later years, Pabon kept pioneering in his career, working with numerous brands, artists and jumpstarting his own independent ventures. 

On his last IG post, a proverbial who’s who in the music, media, fashion, and entertainment commented their love, respect, and admiration for Phil Pabon.

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Below is a sampling of the condolences that were widely spread all over the Internet as word spread of Phil‘s passing.
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