Hit-And-Run Victim Cle "Bone" Sloan Reportedly Admitted To Assaulting Suge Knight


(AllHipHop News) Most of the recent news surrounding Suge Knight’s####-and-run murder case has not been favorable for the co-founder of Death Row Records. The New York Daily News has now obtained information that supports Knight’s claims he was attacked before he ran down Cle “Bone” Sloan and Terry Carter.

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According to the publication, a police report shows Sloan told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department he assaulted Knight. Apparently, Sloan admitted to punching Knight through his vehicle’s window.

He is quoted as saying, “I f**ked him up.” Sloan allegedly also told police he and Suge got into an argument at another location prior to the confrontation at Tam’s Burgers in Compton.

“What Sloan has done is admit he initiated this fight. Suge never exited his vehicle. He was accosted by Sloan who challenged him to fight,” Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher told The News.

Suge’s legal team has continuously argued their client was in fear of his life when he hit Sloan and Carter with his truck. Prosecutors believe he intentionally hit the victims.

Carter was killed during the incident, and Suge is now facing murder, attempted murder, and hit-and-run charges. He pled not guilty to all counts.

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