‘House Party’ Star Christopher “Kid” Reid Endorses Film’s Reboot

House Party - Christopher Reid - Kid-n-Play

Kid ‘n Play’s Christopher Reid encouraged fans to go see the new ‘House Party’ movie, which hit theaters on January 13.

The House Party reboot received a stamp of approval from Christopher “Kid” Reid, one of the original film’s stars.

Reid joked about his cameo in the new House Party while speaking to a TMZ paparazzo. The Kid ‘n Play member urged fans to go see the movie and explained why he appreciated the remake.

“I think it’s always great to have a new perspective on it,” he said. “The original House Party came out over 30 years ago and it has its place in cinematic lore. And I don’t think that’s gonna change, but I think it’s nice to get a fresh, young perspective on a classic. I’m very satisfied with what they did.”

Warner Bros. Pictures released the House Party remake on January 13. The movie tells the story of two aspiring promoters who throw a party at LeBron James’ mansion. James and his longtime business partner Maverick Carter produced the reboot.

Calmatic, who won a Grammy for his work on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” video, directed the film. Earlier this month, the director defended the decision to remake a beloved movie.

“I wanna see House Party 10 years from now,” Calmatic said. “It ain’t that deep. Trust me, I’ve heard every possible complaint about remaking the classics and all that type of s###. But it’s not that deep. This movie is for this new generation.”

House Party is in theaters now.