Houston Rap Legend Willie D. Calls Out Charles Barkley Hard In Video For “Coon”


(AllHipHop News) Anyone familiar with the history of Hip-Hop and The Geto Boys knows group members Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D. had no difficulties speaking their minds.

In the 1990’s, the trio’s Rap-A-Lot Records albums pushed hardcore rap into the spotlight thanks to their outspoken lyrics on topics as varied as the police, government, rape and even murder.

Willie D., a founding member of the Houston-based group, is still just as outspoken in 2016, more than 30 years after the group debuted.

On May 10, Willie D. premiered a provocative new song called “Coon.”

The rapper takes Charles Barkley to task over a number of concerns.

The rapper isn’t pleased with Charles Barkley’s comments on slavery, which he said . Willie D.  also calls out Sir Charles for dressing in drag and for dissing women from San Antonio, a city in his home state.

The 7 minute-plus video begins with a sample from “Malcolm X.” And then Willie D. immediately begins calling out Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith, Raven Symone.

A look-alike in the “Coon Music” video features a spot-on impersonation of Charles Barkley as Willie D. raps:

Listen up Charles Barkley/You light skin but still calling you a darky/The only reason that they put the mic in your face/Is so you can do they dirt and talk down on your race/TNT made you big put you on a wig/Now you’re acting like you never had trouble with pigs/You kissed a man in the mouth for reals dudes that’s a no no/When you gon’ come out the closet you f###### h###

Another impersonator plays Stephen A. Smith, and Willie D. manages to bring the Bill Cosby situation into the mix when he calls out Raven Symone for some of her more recent comments about African-Americans on national television.

I’m a savage running through the field amok/Raven-Symone shut your chicken head dumb ass up/White folks don’t love you black folks don’t trust you/When you was on that show Bill Cosby must’ve drugged you

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Willie D.’s new song “Coon can be purchased here. Peep the video: