Hunter Biden Found Guilty On Federal Gun Charges Similar To Kodak Black

Hunter Biden may not receive the same fate as Kodak Black did when he was pardoned in 2021.

The son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, now faces more than two decades in prison following his guilty conviction on three federal gun charges in a case which bares similarities to Kodak Black’s 2019 case.

On Tuesday (June 11), Biden was convicted on all felony charges related to the purchase of a revolver in 2018, a report from The Associated Press confirmed. Prosecutors argued Biden broke several laws when he lied on a mandatory gun purchase form regarding his use of illicit drugs. As a result, jurors found Biden guilty of lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, making the false claim he was not a drug user on the application and illegally possessing the gun for 11 days.

Biden, who’s to be sentenced by Judge Maryellen Noreika, faces up to 25 years in prison as a result of his conviction. However, it is widely expected that he won’t receive anywhere near the maximum sentencing due to his status as a first-time offender.

The judge didn’t set a sentencing date and has reportedly been “unclear” whether she would give him time behind bars. The verdict was announced shortly before President Biden was scheduled to speak at a conference hosted by the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund in Washington.

After the guilty verdict was announced, President Biden said he would accept the outcome of the case and “will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal,” in a written statement.

In 2021, Kodak Black received a presidential pardon from Donald Trump for federal gun charges stemming from the 2019 incident. The rapper, whose legal name is Bill K. Kapri, was arrested for falsifying information on federal forms to purchase firearms.

Specifically, he was charged with making a false statement on a federal document, as he denied having any pending criminal cases despite facing charges for other offenses at the time. This led to his arrest and subsequent sentencing to 46 months in federal prison.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that one of the guns purchased by Kodak was later found at a crime scene in Pompano Beach, Florida, adding to the severity of the charges against him. Despite his criminal history, Kodak Black’s pardon was supported by various public figures and advocacy groups who highlighted his charitable contributions and efforts to improve himself while incarcerated.

Biden still has a lengthy legal road ahead as he also faces charges of failing to pay $1.4 million in taxes. The trial for the case is scheduled to begin in September in California.