Ice Cube Claims Warner Brothers Has “Hi Jacked” “Friday” Franchise And Holding Up Sequels

Ice Cube

Looks like we won’t be getting new installments of “Friday” anytime soon, since Ice Cube has some issues with the movie studio that owns the rights to the movie. 

Ice Cube doesn’t seem happy about the Warner Bros not allowing any more versions of his cult classic film Friday to be made.

He took to Twitter to blast them, posting up a cartoon version of all of the beloved characters from the movie.

He tweeted out, “#freefriday from the jaws of Warner Bros. who refuses to make more sequels. They have hi-jacked the happiness of the culture,” Ice Cube fumed. 

The last “Friday” movie was produced almost 20 years ago. Despite what many believed, the Bunny brand owns the franchise which spat out the original in 1995, the sequel “Next Friday” in 2000, and “Friday After Next” in 2002. 

Ice Cube told Rolling Stone in 2015 that he made Friday for $3.5 million and grossed $28 million in the box office and through video sales.

“To me, it’s one of the Number One movies you check out when you’re baked, or you’re getting down,” he told the magazine. “There’s people that have Friday parties, where they rent all three movies and just kind of enjoy ’em. It’s morphed into this big thing, and it started off as this little, cool idea. To me, that’s what I’m most proud about: It’s become part of not only just American culture, but there’s people all over the world that really love it. That’s how movies should be.”

The NWA founder also shared how personal the film was. When asked if it was autobiographical, he basically said “yes.”

“You just think of Lil Chris (Jason Bose Smith) knocking down the trashcan, and me chasing him down the street and wanting to whoop his ass. That’s definitely real. And my brother is the one who got fired on his day off; he was working for UPS. So it’s like the little tidbits out of life. I just put them all in a movie,” he shared.

“[We had someone] just like the Deebo in the movie. Cool sometimes, but it depends on what he was on and what he was after, or who he knew or didn’t know, or how well he knew you. Things like that,” Ice Cube continued. “Everybody I think, in some way, had some kind of Deebo in they life. That, to me, is why the movie is so special.”

In October of 2016, Ice Cube also blasted New Line Cinema for holding the production on a sequel that was supposed to be titled “Last Friday.”