Ice Cube Lining Up Power Meeting With Biden-Harris Administration To Discuss “Contract with Black America”

Biden and Ice Cube

The rapper, who claimed he was initially snubbed by the Biden Administration, will get his chance to talk to the new POTUS afterall.

Despite Ice Cube’s public support of the Trump Administration during the 2020 election, the Biden-Harris team reached out to the rapper on Tuesday (February 2nd) — affording him an opportunity to present his Contract with Black America agenda.

The N.W.A. member seems to be open to hashing out the details of his “Contract With Black America” plan in efforts to secure more business opportunities, better education, and jobs for African Americans.

Cube, whose real name O’Shea Jackson Sr., revealed the news to Ryan Cameron on the legendary radio host’s current show “Majic ATL” and noted that they are flushing out details and hoping for a face-to-face.

Last fall, right before the election, Ice Cube appeared on Roland Martin’s show to talk about his agenda and his lack of trust in the Democratic party.

Cube noted that President Trump’s “Platinum Plan” would allow Blacks more access to those valuable public contracts and other opportunities that they are oftentimes shut out of.

But after the Biden-Harris win and the Dems majority in both the Senate and the House, it is only logical that the businessman presents his proposal.

At this point, if Ice Cube is really serious about prophetic action and the fight against systemic-social injustice, he has no choice.

The Biden-Harris administration has not made a statement but you can rest assured that Cedric Richmond, director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, got his eye on Mr. “No Vaseline.”