Ice Cube Wants Hollywood To Build Studios For Black Creatives

Once Ice Cube wanted to burn Tinseltown to the ground, but now he’s calling on Hollywood to give up the dough.

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube is an O.G.

And with a series of tweets he has laid a plan to get Hollywood straight and exact.

In one tweet he wanted people to know that he is not against all of “Tinseltown,” but there is a thread of racism in the industry that has contributed to the oppression of people of color.

“Of course I’m not against Hollywood all together. But the truth is, they are COMPLACENT in steadily pushing a narrative of RACISM to the world about who we are as BLACK PEOPLE, on the screen and behind the scenes. They owe us and the AMERICA a chance to see who we really are.”

He continued by pointing to Tyler Perry as a person to be supported by Black people, and as an example for the big studios to consider when they make up for exploiting our community.

“My brother Tyler Perry has an incredible studio in Atlanta, but he had to built that was this own two hands. I believe the major studios owe the BLACK COMMUNITY our own studio. Paid for by the Majors all together. We’re we can do our own films without any outside influences.”

The first step that he proposes studios do build locations and allow Black creative freedom to roam free.

“This way, we can show the world who we really are and do the stories we really want to do. Without this harnessed version of Black Life that we see today.”

He continues, “After the films are done, the majors can license them or not. I’m pretty sure we’d find some place to show them to the American people.”