Ice Spice Album Ready Now That It’s Passed “The Car Test”

Ice Spice

Ice Spice revealed she uses her car as a sound booth for her debut album. Read more!

Ice Spice has revealed a tried-and-true method of quality assurance for her highly anticipated debut album, Y2K. During a guest appearance on the YouTube show “Hot Ones,” the artist shared that she has been personally testing her new music by playing it at full volume in her car.

Like many before her, the “car test” is a critical final check for many artists, including Ice Spice, who is ensuring her tracks resonate as intended outside the studio environment.

“Yes, I’ve been playing the album fully through in the car, volume all the way up,” Ice Spice confirmed during the interview, expressing relief and satisfaction that her album had indeed “passed” the test.

Ice Spice dove into her creative process, which typically begins with crafting the hook of a song before working on the verses.

However, Ice Spice highlighted that Y2K will include a track where she deviates from this method, starting directly with the verse.

“There is a track on the album, I just launched straight into the verse and there’s not really a hook so I’m excited to hear what the fans think about that,” she said.

Ice Spice also shared insights into her meticulous approach to songwriting and recording for the album, indicating her commitment to quality.

“Each song that I work on I really try to make it good enough to put out basically,” she stated. “I don’t really skim through it real quick, I really take my time and I’m just like OK. Every time I work on a song basically, I’m like, ‘This is gonna be released.'”

Recording for Y2K wrapped up in early March, without Ice Spice revealing the release date or tracklist.