Ice Spice Denies Getting Surgery And Credits Her Dad For Signature Curly Haired Look

Ice Spice

Upcoming rap star Ice Spice talked about her decision not to get plastic surgery and how she came up with her signature look. Read more!

Upcoming rap star Ice Spice was interviewed by Erykah Badu and her daughter Puma Curry in Interview Magazine and talked about her decision not to get plastic surgery as she embarks on her career in Hip-Hop.

The “No Clarity” artist also talked about her signature hair and style.

She said, “There’s definitely a starter pack, and I see a lot of girls doing it. I feel like it doesn’t apply to me all the way.”

“My hair is short as f###; it’s not swinging down my back,” she told the singer. “My whole body’s natural, even though some people try to accuse me of surgery. Only thing thick is my teeth, which I got to get redone. And my nails. I be having some fake-ass nails.

“When I started putting music out, I was wearing wigs a lot. I didn’t show my natural hair until I put out ‘No Clarity’ in November 2021,” she said to the Texas artists.  

In the discussion, Badu asked, “What made you feel brave about it?”

The young artist said it was her father that helped her feel confident about her looks. She said, he would tell her, “It’s beautiful, you’re beautiful, wear your natural hair.”

The full interview can be read here.