Ice-T Roasts U.K. Politician After Falling For Fake Story About His “Corrosive” Online Behavior


Ice-T bombed on British Labour Party leader Keir Starmer after being tricked by a post from a parody account. 

Ice-T didn’t mince his words when calling out a senior British politician after he fell for a fake story shared by a parody account. On Wednesday (March 6), the rapper-turned-actor, who isn’t afraid to engage with online haters, caught wind of an apparent interview featuring the leader of the opposition calling out his online conduct.  

The post read: “Labour leader Keir Starmer is facing backlash online after criticising Ice-T (@FINALLEVEL) in a magazine interview, describing the Law & Order star as ‘corrosive’ and someone whose online conduct may encite his followers to ‘seriously hurt’ others.” 

Attached were screenshots from an interview seemingly featuring Starmer complaining about Ice-T having a “corrosive” effect on young people, including his 15-year-old son.  

“He’s been sharing all this truly vile stuff from some man called Ice-T,” Starmer is quoted as saying. “But I soon discovered that he’s an American entertainer – rapper, actor, whatever else – and he was running a network of abusive users online called the Final Level Twitter Gang. He posted all sorts of rubbish: swear words, illegal activities. It was affecting the way my son was behaving. We had to take his phone off him.”

While Ice-T failed to realize the post was fake, he was quick to clap back. 

“Oh S###!! We’re FAMOUS! The FLTG struck a nerve! You all gotta read this… F this clown,” he wrote before adding a clown emoji. 


However, all was not what it appeared to be. The post was shared by the parody account Women for Wes. Furthermore, the quotes Ice-T objected to were from a fictional interview, not the words of Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.