Ice-T Claims Jay-Z Confronted Him Over ‘99 Problems’: “It’s On The Internet That You Mad”  

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During a chat at the Grammys, Ice-T told Jay-Z that he’s not upset over Hov’s remake of his 1993 song, “99 Problems.”

Ice-T revealed that he and Jay-Z recently had a conversation about the West Coast legend’s 1993 song “99 Problems,” that Jay-Z repurposed over a decade later. 

The rapper/actor recalled his Grammy night conversation with Jay-Z during a recent appearance on Big Boy TV. According to Ice-T, Jay-Z approached him, asking, “You know I love you, right?” After Ice replied that he did, Hov stated, “Well, it’s on the internet that you mad.” 

Ice-T explained to Jay-Z that he wasn’t upset, adding, “They’re bringing up all kinds of interviews about it [‘99 Problems’]. They asked me the story, and I told them the true story.” 

Jay-Z told Ice-T “No hard feelings,” and the pair began reminiscing over old times. The Law & Order: SVU star recalled meeting Hov “way back in the day” after being introduced by Big Daddy Kane. “I used to take Jay around, him and Dame Dash, so we’re friends,” he added. 

However, Ice-T would have appreciated an acknowledgment from Jay-Z on the track. “At the end of the record, you could have said “ICE!’” he said with a laugh. Check out the clip below and watch the full episode at the end of the page.  

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Ice-T Says Jay-Z “Didn’t Steal The Record”

In 2014, Ice- T remade “99 Problems” for his Manslaughter project and revealed Jay Z “paid publishing,” for the song. He also explained that he’s not bothered that people forget it was his track originally.  

“You gotta remember, I’ve been on Law & Order 16 years,” he said during a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone. “So if a kid is 18, he was two years old when I went on Law & Order. So I don’t think everyone is historians and stuff. Jay Z went through all the correct procedures. He didn’t steal the record. He paid publishing.” 

Ice-T also echoed his current sentiment about Jay-Z, stating, “But you never heard him say, “It’s Ice-T’s record.”  

Later that year, he revealed how the song came about. Check out a clip from the the interview below.