Ice-T Confirms Ne-Yo’s Wild Story About Receiving Permission To Grab Coco’s Butt

Coco & Ice-T

During an episode of the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast, Ne-Yo recalled how Ice-T let the singer squeeze Coco’s butt at a Halloween party.

Ne-Yo told an outrageous story involving Ice-T and the Hip Hop legend’s wife Coco on the Drink Champs podcast.

The Grammy-winning singer recalled a time when asked to grab Coco’s butt during a conversation with Ice-T. The gangsta rap pioneer responded by giving Ne-Yo permission to actually do it.

“I said, “Let me squeeze Coco’s booty one time,’” Ne-Yo remembered saying to Ice-T. “It was a Halloween party. I literally walked up to him – mind you, I had a couple drinks at this point … She had some s### on, right? I walked up to him and I was like, ‘Bro, all due respect, I wanted to squeeze Coco’s ass for a really long time.’ And he said, ‘You know what, and I’m just the kind of pimp to let you do it.’”

Ice-T then summoned his wife to grant Ne-Yo’s wish.

“He called [Coco] over, and he whispered something in her ear,” Ne-Yo noted. “And she looked at him and smiled, and then looked at me and smiled and turned around and bent that thing over. And I grabbed as much of a handful as I could. He gave me the pound. And we drank and hung out for the rest of the night. That was it.”

Drink Champs host N.O.R.E. shared a clip of Ne-Yo’s anecdote on Instagram. Ice-T confirmed the story in the post’s comments.

“True Story,” Ice-T wrote. “Hey it was a party.”

Ne-Yo’s Drink Champs episode drops on Thursday (August 11).

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