Ice-T Mourns Over Murder Of His Close Friend


Rapper/actor Ice-T is mourning the loss of a good friend and collaborator, who was shot and killed in New York this week.

Prayers are going out to West Coast legend Ice T, as he mourns the death of his beloved friend and collaborator Joseph “Taheim” Bryan.

The writer and producer was shot dead in the streets of New York City and the bereaved actor-turned-rapper wants justice.

The New York Post reported Bryan’s death on Thursday night around 11:15 pm. He was shot while sitting in his Mercedes-Benz outside of a Jackson Park luxury apartment complex in Long Island City.

Bryan had recently worked with “Colors” rapper on his new indie action film, Equal Standard that star’s Naught by Nature’s lead rapper, Treach.

Ice T took to social media to break the news, saying, “MFs Killed my friend last night. I’m not in a good place behind this.”

“Taheim was a GOOD dude making Positive moves,” he continued. “He wrote & we made the film EqualStandard together. He leaves a Wife&Daughter Dirty MFs followed him home and Murdered him.”

The murder was horrible as law enforcement said that the shooter shot seven times into the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The bullets struck Bryan four times in his arm and torso as he tried to run away from the attack.

The shooter was allegedly driving in a dark-colored Mazda and opened fire after being dropped off around the corner on Jackson Avenue.

Bryan was taken to NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.