Ice-T Laughs Off People Trying To “Cancel” Him Over “SNL” Stint With Dave Chappelle

Ice-T and Dave Chappelle

Ice-T reminds everyone people have been trying to “cancel” him for over 30 years ahead of SNL appearance with Dave Chappelle.

Ice-T was a guest on Saturday Night Live Saturday (November 11) alongside host Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey and others. But not everybody was excited about it. In fact, the Original Gangster faced a healthy dose of backlash on Twitter for teaming up with somebody as controversial as Chappelle, who’s been accused of both trans and homophobia in the past.

But, par for the course, all the chatter had little effect on Ice-T’s day. Instead, he briefly acknowledged it on Twitter and presumably went about his business.

“Somebody said they’re gonna CANCEL me after doing SNL with Dave Chappelle,” he wrote. “LOL! These MFs have been trying to Cancel me for over 30yrs!”

Despite the public outcry from a select few, the support for Ice-T was overwhelming on Twitter. As one person replied, “You’re too f###### awesome to cancel. You do metal, you do hip-hop, you do TV and movies and you’re f###### Ice-T. Who the f### gonna try to cancel you?”

Ice-T joined Chappelle and SNL cast members such as Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day and Chloe Fineman for a sketch called “House of the Dragon,” a spoof of the Game of Thrones spinoff. Dressed in a horrendous blonde wig and “pimp” clothing of that era, he channeled his “Player Haters’ Ball” persona, Light Skinned Larry Targaryen, from the Chappelle’s Show days. The sketch also resurrected several other iconic characters from the Chappelle’s Show, including the lovable crackhead Tyrone Biggums and Chappelle’s Rick James. Watch it below.